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Fly Fishing

The Waiau River is truly one-of-a-kind. Teeming with Brown and Rainbow Trout and bordering Fiordland National Park, the Waiau combines low fishing pressure with extraordinary Mayfly hatches for a fly fishing experience that’s truly world class yet often underrated. A larger waterway; our highly experienced guides break the Waiau down and fish it like a small river. We know the Waiau like the back of our hands, and trout here are anything but hook-shy!

Dotted with islands, beaches and eddies that are impossible to reach on foot, we use custom-built boats to navigate to the river’s best fishing spots, sometimes fishing from the boat drift-style if the client wishes. Don’t be put off by the use of the jet boat – trout on the Waiau are forgiving and settle fast once the boat has moved through. These boats are by far the superior method of maneuvering around this river.  

This is a great fit for anglers looking for an outstanding fly fishing adventure and particularly those who aren’t able to walk as far as they used to. It’s also a perfect river for those just getting to know fly fishing – our guides are friendly and patient.

Fiordland Wilderness Fly Fishing – This is the trout fishing people come to NZ for; backcountry, remote and stunning landscapes. Gin-clear water offering up outstanding sight fishing for mountain river bred Brown and Rainbow Trout. Helicopter or water taxi into Fiordland National Park and access these exceptional and un-pressured fishing locations. The complete fishing and backcountry experience; outstanding trout fishing, exceptional landscapes, and experienced hard-working guides ensure a trout fishing adventure to remember.

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