Journey to a place you remember



Known to New Zealanders as ‘tramping’, the hiking opportunities within Fiordland National park are as many as the fiords and mountains are plenty. You can go hiking independently or through our guided and curated tours.

Fiordland National Park and its day and multi-day hikes might seem remote – that’s the charm – but we’ll provide transport and even guide, getting you to where you want to be.

There is a network of huts to stay in while hiking in Fiordland, and there is a strong culture amongst experienced trampers of looking after them, called “hut etiquette”. There is an equally strong culture to take care of the vulnerable landscape. The marked trails channel foot traffic giving the wildlife life some space and quiet, and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the vegetation. The journey is the destination, and it’s what you see on the way that matters: leave footprints, not on the landscape, but on your soul.