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Hollyford & Martins Bay

Private journeys to visit Martins Bay and Hollyford Valley

Explore Hollyford Valley: Fiordland’s hidden gem

Fly over spectacular mountains and ancient pounamu trails into the heart of Hollyford Valley, which was carved by a large glacier over 20,000 years ago. Your guide, Bard Crawford, will tell you all about the valley’s ancient rainforests, diverse wildlife, and vibrant European and Māori history. Bard’s passion for the area is infectious; he’s spent over 10 years hiking and exploring the valley and has an intimate knowledge of its unique features.  

Visit Martins Bay

Martins Bay is a very remote area of Fiordland National Park with a fascinating history. Learn about the Māori settlement from 1600 to 1800, and the failed European settlement of the 1870s, as well as the legendary life of local adventurer Davey Gunn. Today, Martins Bay is an ecological wonder and biodiversity hotspot.

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