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Lake Te Anau & Manapouri

Narrow inlets with steep sides called fiords are formed by giant glacier tongues that through several ice ages have shaped the landscape. They fill up the twisting land of southern New Zealand, one amazing fjord after the other. On Lake Te Anau you can see this in the inland freshwater fiords, one of only a few examples in the world, framing the entrances from the lake to Fiordland wilderness and they are simply stunning. If this wasn’t impressive enough, Lake Te Anau is also the largest freshwater body in Australasia.

Lake Manapouri, although it can’t compete in size, it can indeed compete in good looks. Hidden coves and sandy beaches, deep waters and mystery. Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri offers waterway access to Fiordland National Park and world renowned wilderness is only a boat ride away.

Whether your passion is fishing world class wilderness rivers or hunting the famous Wapiti Blocks, Lake Te Anau is your gateway to paradise and we can get you and your gear there.