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Complete your cycle trail adventure with a river journey by jet boat

The Lake2Lake Cycle Trail is around 19km, starting from the township of Te Anau, running alongside the lake then meeting up with the Upper Waiau River. Someday soon this trail will be extended all the way to the beautiful Lake Manapouri but for now the trail ends at Balloon Loop, around half way down the river. The trail can be run, walked or biked and it is ideal for all ages and abilities as not only is it nice and wide at 2.2-2.5m but is rated a Grade 2 Easy.

This trail is worth spending some time on and you can bike some of it or all of it depending on how much time you have – you’ll find a range of transport and bike hire options in town.

We think this trail is awesome and often bike along it with our family for the views and to spend time adventuring together. We are very proud to have contributed to the construction project cost and we continue to support this trail with a brand new pick up service from Balloon Loop, currently the end of the trail, back up the Upper Waiau River. A great way to experience the trail is to bike down, then enjoy our jet boat river journey back up. This gives you a chance to catch your breath while you enjoy the landscape from a different angle!

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