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Hunting Fiordland Wapiti blocks

Getting You & Your Gear to your Fiordland hunting adventure.
Been successful in the Wapiti Ballot? Planning to hunt Red Deer in Fiordland? Operating on Lake Te Anau and Manapouri, we can get you where you want to go.

We can take you to the Wapiti blocks that border Lake Te Anau’s North & Middle Arms. Worsley, Billy Burn, Narrows Creek, Lower Glaisnock, Upper Glaisnock, Edith, Lugar Burn, Mid Burn, Loch Burn, Wapiti River and the Doon.  

Being hunting enthusiasts ourselves, we have a good understanding of the area and of what will work best for your needs. Talk to us about where you are planning to hunt and we can provide you with a quote for your party and get you all there.


We do our best to schedule departures as fairly and affordably as possible for hunters accessing blocks accessible from the Lake during the Wapiti Roar.

We manage a priority first in, first served booking system.  The earlier parties book with us the higher the chance of:

  • Being on the first load out to the block on the first day of the ballot
  • Being combined with other parties to reduce cost

Successfully combined loads of at least 6 people can result in one -way fares as low as:

Middle ArmNorth ArmHead of the Lake
Mid Burn Mouth – $50 p/pGlaisnock – $80 p/pWorsley – $85 p/p
Loch Burn – $70 p/pLugar Burn & Narrows – $70 p/pBilly Burn/Safe Cove – $75 p/p
Hankinson Hut – $105 p/pBilly Burn – $65 p/p
Mid Burn – $65 p/p

Every return fare will be charged as a full charter as in our experience 90% of hunting parties come out on their own.  If we are able to combine the pick up with another party, we will refund the difference.