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Fiordland Outdoors

About Us


Making Fiordland adventures simple, stress-free and seamless

Fiordland Outdoors Co. is a family-run business that helps people get into nature. From early beginnings running fly-fishing trips on the Waiau River, Fiordland Outdoors Co. has evolved into a premium end-to-end booking services trusted by agents, clients and partners around Fiordland and around the globe.

While the company has grown over the years, the team’s passion for backcountry adventures has never waned. Today, Fiordland Outdoors Co. offers a range of transport options covering everything in Fiordland, from the world-famous Great Walks to remote and secret spots.

Fiordland Outdoors Co. owners Mark and Christine Wallace, together with their family, have spent a lifetime exploring and adventuring in the pristine wilderness that is Fiordland National Park. The company is an extension of how they love to see Fiordland and includes their impressive knowledge of the area and connections with local transport operators and accommodation providers.

How we help

Fiordland National Park is a vast and remote wilderness area. And while this is what makes it so alluring, it is also what makes it complicated to navigate. Understanding the logistics of getting to Fiordland and onto the tracks can be confusing. There is often more than one mode of transport required to get you there and back again. How do you know which boat to catch and where? What if I can’t get back!

If you are the lucky one left to organise the logistics of your Fiordland adventure, it can be a headache. That’s where Fiordland Outdoors Co. comes in. We take care of all the logistics and wrap it up into one easy booking. It’s all part of our hands-on, local-expert style of journey planning. And it’s what our reputation is built upon. If you’re feeling confused about Fiordland, get in touch for stress-free journey planning.

Tiaki Promise and Guardianship

We are proud to operate in a World Heritage-listed destination that is, in our opinion, without equal. Because of this, Fiordland Outdoors Co. is committed to the Tiaki Promise as a way to care for New Zealand’s precious land, sea and cultural identity now and for future generations. Sustainability and guardianship are the cornerstones of everything we do.

Fiordland Outdoors Co. is certified as Qualmark Gold Sustainable Tourism Business. With this accreditation, Fiordland Outdoors Co. has now achieved the highest possible level of endorsement from Qualmark. This assures you we are a business that;

  • Represents the highest level of operation for sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand
  • Delivers exceptional customer experiences as an integral part of the business
  • Leads the way in making New Zealand a world-class sustainable destination.

Our Team

  • mark-wallace.jpg

    Mark Wallace

    Co-owner of the company with wife, Christine, Mark has many years experience as a commercial cray fisherman on the Fiordland coastline. And more years chasing trout round Southland. A born and bred Southlander, Mark has lived in Te Anau for over 20 Years.

    Role - Co-Founder / Quality Control / Skipper

    About Me - I've lived in Te Anau for 29 years, spent heaps of time working on the Fiordland coast. Married to Christine, 2 boys Morgan and Zane and our black lab Ellie. Love going on fishing and hunting adventures.

    What I love about Fiordland - All my favourite hobbies on my doorstep, so lucky.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Pepper steak:) Has a bit of zing to it, I like spicy hot stuff.

  • Sam Brewer Fiordland Outdoors

    Sam Brewer

    Role - Operations Manager / Skipper

    About Me - Adventurous love of the outdoors, love being on or in the water.

    What I love about Fiordland - Great playground and office, always changing.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Lamb Pot Pie

  • Blain Finnerty Skipper Fiordland Outdoors

    Blain Finnerty

    Role - Skipper

    About Me - Been a fisherman most of my life, love surfing, fishing and hanging out with my family.

    What I love about Fiordland - Awww what's not to love lol! It's beautiful like stepping back in time, minus the sandflies, they suck:)

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Going to have to say Thai Chicken, like it a bit spicy

  • Aidan Conway Skipper.jpg

    Aidan Conway

    Role - Skipper

    About Me - I love packrafting, hiking and camping out in remote Fiordland places.

    What I love about Fiordland - Working here means getting to hear so many stories and always having new places to go on my weekends.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Probably apple, more a sweet tooth myself

  • Blank Image

    Greg Wilson

    Role - Skipper

    About Me - I'm 28 and have lived in Fiordland for 7 years. Originally from up North but I like the lifestyle down here and the outdoors (camping/hiking etc).

    What I love about Fiordland - All the different places we get to go and all the different weather conditions and aspects. Enjoy meeting people from all over the world who come to our backyard.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Tie between lamb/mint and butter chicken.

  • Geoff Simonsen Fiordland Outdoors.jpg

    Geoff Simonsen

    Role - Skipper

    About Me - I am an avid outdoorsman and family man.

    What I love about Fiordland - The location allows me and my family to enjoy the stunning environment.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - It's hard to go past a good steak and cheese pie. Always a favourite with the melting cheese.

  • Shelley Bunce Fiordland Outdoors.jpg

    Shelley Bunce

    Role - Reservations, Operations Support & Sales

    About Me - An introvert who is passionate about travel, wellness, connection and food!

    What I love about Fiordland - I love being surrounded by water and mountains and I'm incredibly grateful to call Fiordland a home.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Creamy chicken - nice and creamy. I hate a dry pie!

  • Andrea Hughes Fiordland Outdoors.jpg

    Andrea Hughes

    Role - Reservations & Operations Support

    About Me - Gone surfing:)

    What I love about Fiordland - Having an endless supply of missions and being a part of a small community in such a stunning place.

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Lentil shepherds pie - creamy, cheesy and warm on a wintery day.

  • Nelly Vorster Fiordland Outdoors

    Nelly Vorster

    Role - Reservations & Operations Support

    About Me - I am passionate about Fiordland and it's people - to be an integral part of a progressive team/family owned business where my enthusiasm and hard work is celebrated is very satisfying. Almost as satisfying as being a Mum, listening to music, cooking steak on the braai and enjoying the finest things NZ has on offer - like a great red:)

    What I love about Fiordland - I came to Fiordland for a holiday 18 years ago and never left.That should pretty much sum up my love for the place I now call home and my love for the friends I made over the years who have become my family:)

    Favourite pie flavour and why - Key Lime Pie - a mouth full of this sweet and tart pie whisks you away into the garden of Eden and kisses you with oblivion... it takes you to a place where you feel you are floating, and makes you dream of the person you can be.