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Kepler Track

Most hikes have evolved from ‘simple bare necessities’. They follow old Maori trails or pioneer exploration routes. Their initial purpose was to take someone from A to B as quickly – and hopefully – as safely as possible. Unforgettable sights of awe-dropping mountains that protrude from the brine like teeth of the glacier-carved valleys, or cascading waterfalls in ancient rainforests – they all existed for millions of years before man came stumbling along. And their beauty was just an accidental bonus, and not the ‘raison d’être’ why man came stumbling along through the wilderness in the first place. The Kepler Track on the other hand is custom-made for pure enjoyment. The track is a curated compilation that offers hikers ‘Essential Fiordland’, the best of Fiordland, but even better.

Explore the Luxmore Caves, its stalactites and stalagmites, and figure out the difference between these two luscious rock formations. Marvel at the wonderful alpine vistas, the rugged scenery of the Tussock high country, deep gorges and the tall mossy Beech Forest. Grab the opportunity to climb the peak of Mount Luxmore (1472 m) for a birds-eye-view of Lake Te Anau and the township. At night, listen to the bountiful birdlife, including the hooting of the local owl, and, if you are lucky enough, the shrill whistles from the Brown Kiwi.