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Milford Track

In the steps of famous explorers, let us take you to one of the most magnificent and well-known experiences in Fiordland, the famous Milford Track. When bookings open on this track, you’d better be quick, it books out for the entire season in days!

One of New Zealand’s greatest hikes, from Lake Te Anau down to the fiord of Milford Sound: crossing the mighty Mackinnon pass you’ll be blessed with the noble sight of the Pompolona Icefield, enjoy with Cinemascope-scale delights Lake Mintaro and the towering Clinton Canyon. All of this is merely a sneak-peak before having a close encounter with the most attention-seeking beauty of them all, the Sutherland Falls with its eye-dropping 580m fall. The impressive Mackay Falls want some attention too, same goes for the curious Bell Rock, until you end the journey with a short boat trip across to Milford Sound, where you might like to take a cruise out the sound to see seals, dolphins and a world class landscape.

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You will likely encounter a variety of wildlife when you wander through this immaculate nature. The Kea are super proud to be the world’s only alpine parrot, and therefore it’ll make sure you won’t miss it along the Milford Track. Big and green, with beautiful coloured wings, they are said to be one of the smartest birds in the world but by crikey they are rascals. Remember they’re rare and threatened birds, so don’t give them too much attention and please, do not feed them and whatever you do don’t leave your boots unguarded, they have been known to steal boot laces!

Less fun, but one of the reasons Milford is as untouched as it is, is because it’s filled with sandflies, the most annoying little demon in New Zealand: small black nasty flies, which can eat you alive. Trust us, sandfly repellent is not only essential, it is sanity saving!

The ‘Finest Walk in the World’
New Zealand’s most famous walking trail, the Milford Track has origins as an overland greenstone route between Lake Te Anau and Milford Sound. In 1888, colourful local Quintin Mackinnon navigated the rainforests and mountain passes to create the route the track follows today. Word got out, and Mackinnon became the track’s first guide, famous for his good nature and scone-baking skills. In 1908, the London Spectator called the Milford Track the ‘Finest Walk in the World’, and as they say, the rest is history.

One-of-a-kind flora and fauna
The Milford Track’s flora and fauna is extraordinary. Forests of tall Beech Trees dotted with Rimu and Fuchsia give way to rainforests covered in emerald ferns and mosses. Dappled sunlight filters through the canopy, and higher up you’ll discover Cabbage Trees, Edelweiss and Mountain Daisies. As you walk, you’re likely to hear the soft, melodious calls of the Tui and the Bellbird, as well as the odd rambunctious squawk of the cheeky Kea bird, the world’s only alpine parrot.

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