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Milford Track Easy Transport Packages

Walk the Milford Track independently and hassle free!

The logistics of the Milford Track don’t need to be a hassle. Our self-drive and connecting + boat bus packages make transport a breeze so you can focus on enjoying your hike. Enjoy the freedom of having your car waiting to meet you in Milford Sound at the end of your hike, or the ease of booking all your buses in one go, combined with a more personal and relaxed experience with sightseeing, small numbers and a personable guide on the water taxi that transports you to the start of the track.  Not sure what you want to book?  Have a look at our Build You Own package and plan as you go!

Milford Track – Queenstown or Te Anau Bus Packages include:

  • 10:40 am Bus from Queenstown through to Te Anau Downs + 2 pm water taxi each end of the track + 2:30 pm bus Milford Sound back to Queenstown
  • 1:25 pm Bus from Te Anau + 2 pm water taxi each end of the track + 2:30 pm bus Milford Sound back to Te Anau

Book all the linking transport you need to walk the Milford Track in one easy step and we will take care of the rest.  Bus bookings will be made on your behalf with TrackNet which connects nicely with our 2 pm departure to the start of the Milford Track and the 2 pm Sandfly Point water taxi.

Milford Track – Self-Drive Package includes:

  • 2 pm Water Taxi each end of the track + vehicle relocation from Te Anau Downs to Milford Sound

This is one of our most popular packages, so get in quick to discuss any questions you may have.  We’ve teamed up with the friendly team at EasyHike to bring you our supported Milford Track hiking packages to help us to deliver the ultimate Milford Track independent hiking adventure.

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